martes, 27 de enero de 2009

Oh my god!!!

I so miss speaking english, so Ive decided am gonna write something in it!
What can I talk about I thought? English ofcourse!
I studied it since primary school I believe and during secondary school too, didnt pay much attention then thou! (Idiot)

When I decided I wanted to go to America I started listening what Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Ross and Phoebe said instead of reading it and then took a course for almost a year in Buenos Aires (I only learned it in America from americans along with many other things) I loved it from the first moment, it opens a whole new world! Then you realize that no one can traslate! Translation is a lie I say, and besides most of what people write in this languaje, papers, books, blogs, sons, ect never gets to be in spanish (only the most popular stuff, and that takes a lot of liberty away), or it gets much later, so it gives you a whole new world, and not just any world! 

I think local languajes shouldnt desapear but I also think everybody should understand and be abble to comunicate in the same languaje! English is a very good option!
Its just a senseless stupid dream! Be abble to talk to everyone!

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